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sb_mde's Journal

Soulbonding and Multi-Dimensional Existence
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    Welcome to the group for Soulbonding and Multi-Dimensional Existance.  This is a community for people who experience one or both of these phenomenons.


    Soulbonding: The phenomenon of feeling bonded to a specific character, be they original to the Bonded or out-sourced from a book, movie, TV show, etc.  Usually experianced by, but not limited to writers and authors.

    Multi-Dimensional Existance:  The phenomenon of having memories of multiple lives, most of which are currently being lived.  Could be an original life in an alternate dimension, or an "out-sourced" life from a book, movie, TV show, etc.

    The key difference between Soulbonding and MDE is simply that when you have a Soulbond, it is a separate person where someone who experiances MDE it is like being that person.


    The above definitions of Soulbonding and Multi-Dimensional Existance are very vague for the reason that both can vary from person to person.  Every experiance is different, and we welcome views and opinions from everyone.  We are not a religious group, nor a politial group.  SB-MDE is here for everyone to share their views, ideas, thoughts, and experiances as soulbonders and living lives in multiple dimensions.


    Group Rules:

  • No flame wars
    The moderators are aware that the subjects of this group are almost entirely subjective, and thus it is extremely difficult to not have any disagreements.  But, we do ask (nay, insist) that you remain polite to your fellow Bonders.
  • Stay on topic, indicate posts that are off-topic
    Off-topic posts are acceptable, but to be kept to a bare minimum. Any discussion threads that go off-topic of the original post will be locked.
  • No Trolling
    Seriously...  If you're here to make fun of us, then back away now.  We really don't want to hear it.
  • Watch your punctuation
    Grammar we don't care about; spelling we don't care about.  But please, please make use of proper capital letters and puncutation.  We can't discuss your topic if we can't understand what the heck it is you said.


 Group rules are subject to change as updates are needed.